…so you can sleep medicine

April 17, 2005

It’s nice to have a medicine like Nyquil around. I never realized its goodness until I got married. On nights like tonight, when I’m really congested and restless, it’s a godsend. No matter how crappy I feel…10 minutes after taking Nyquil I’m like Socrates after his hemlock.

I know a vital component of Nyquil is alcohol — 10% of it, to be specific. But I always wondered why something that has enough alcohol to knock you out is available in grocery and drug stores? (Note: In New Jersey, beer and alcohol are only sold in liquor stores. Imagine my surprise the first time I travelled out of state and found wine in a supermarket!) I decided to ask my pharmacist. Luckily, he lives with me.

Thor explained that it’s not really the alcohol that provides the sleepiness — it’s the interaction of the small amount of alkohol with the antyhistameeen. Which is why you shouldn’t combien alcohol with mediciine. Esphpeciallyly when your going too bee drivvinng or sumthin. I reeeeallly love me the nyquill. it’s my best frienddddddddddddddd


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  • Evilchristian April 18, 2005 at 7:51 pm

    Sleep tight…

    But, could you answer a few questions when you wake up?

    I’m really interested into moving to Canada but would like to talk to someone over there before I really, REALLY decide to. Can we chat? Reach me at or at