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April 12, 2005

My internet connection’s been spotty tonight, so I’ll fit this in between down spasms.

  • They’re going to open up a Sephora at Cherry Hill Mall. I’m all a-twitter with excitement, as the only times I’ve been able to shop their stores has been in Disneyland and New York City. Where else can you buy a makeup kit called “Frumpy to Foxy?”
  • I decided that having 20+categories on my blog was overkill, so I pared it down a bit. Still working on design.
  • I’m writing my “Top 7 thing we did on our Walt Disney world vacation” for posting here and perhaps on a Disney board or two. One down, six to go. Why do I even do this for to myself? 🙂

    Author’s note: I fell asleep between the third and final paragraphs of this post. My apologies to those who read this last night…it made little sense.

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