Behind the scenes

April 10, 2005

Because I returned home to 1361 comments in my moderation queue (all promoting poker or backgammon — online backgammon??!? Who knew?) I decided to upgrade my installation of WordPress from 1.2 to 1.5. This will enable me to fight this comment spam quicker, because manually deleting them 100 at a time is tiring.

It looks like the database ported over just fine, but (as you can tell) I need to restore my site’s design. (Although I’m a bit fond of this current default one…I’ll probably try to ‘marry’ this one and my old stuff) This may take a while, as I have two suitcases full of laundry to do, plus there is a dog in my lap with serious abandonment issues.

I’m so incredibly pleased with WordPress. This newest version will let me tailor the look of my site for each category in my blog! Which, as you know, only goes on about Disney, menial accomplishments, dogs, etc. 😉 It was WELL worth the switch over from Blogger. If you have your own domain and webspace, (with PHP and MySQL capabilities – most do) I heartily recommend WordPress.

Disney pictures forthcoming, once I weed out the blurry ones, the naked ones, and the ones with Thor. *smirk*

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