And they lived happily ever after

Source: A Royal romance

I’m quite possibly the only one stateside who cares that Charles and Camilla are finally officially together. Never one to follow rank-and-file thinking, I always felt badly for Camilla after Diana died, for Camilla was just being introduced as Charles’s (I know that apostrophe is wrong) companion. That was all derailed for 8 years.

But I’m a sucker for love stories. And a romance that starts 35 years ago and survives her marriage, his marriage, some kids, and the emotional train wreck that was Diana, Princess of Wales is a hell of a love story.

And they look right together.

In other, blander news, my commoner’s diet continues. Day 4…

Breakfast: Banana, (170 cal;) water
Lunch: Subway 6′ turkey sandwich on wheat. Fat Free honey mustard (310 cal); bag of “Lays Light” (80 cal – formerly WOW chips); diet Pepsi
Drive home snack: (will wean from this eventually) Bag of Ritz Bits (170 cal); water.
Dinner: TBD
Exercise: Walked with Max. MAY try Bowflex.

Because if one wants to wear one of these come summer, one must be svelte.


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