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Holy crap!

January 23, 2005

In my small slice of the world, we’ve become accustomed to ignoring weather forecasts. Especially the ones that trumpet “Snow! Snow! Snow! We’re all going to die under the weight of it! Head for the hills!”

Hence, I went into denial Saturday morning when I awoke to see a dusting of snow, and snow continuing to fall. The day progressed and the snow continued to fall. The Wings home opener was cancelled. So we lazed about the house, watching the first episode of the Apprentice (I learn so much about what NOT to do from that show!) and eating.

Took Max out for a walk — and he enjoyed romping around in the white stuff. I’m sure swing dance class is cancelled. (Thor: “I am NOT going to swing dance class in this…I don’t care if it’s on or not!!”) So it looks like today will be LGN redesign day.

I woke up this morning, and it’s STLL snowing…and the snow is at least a foot deep. Ah. Snow in our new house! Wait…does that mean we have to shovel???


Front yard.

Don’t blame me! He WANTED to go for a walk!

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