Geeking out

January 21, 2005

I’m knee-deep in coding the LGN redesign. Keep track of my progress here. Known bugs: some pictures are broken; I’m having padding issues in Internet Explorer; I forgot to plan for where to link to the blog archive; and there is no navigation. It’s a php file to prep me for the impending migration from Blogger to WordPress.

I’ve also started listening to NPR. Never listened to it before 10 days ago, and it’s a huge adjustment for me. I usually listen to conservative talk radio, so I figured the violent shift in bias would do me good. And boy howdy is there a bias! Politics and religion aside, I found the segments long, the musical bumpers between segments long, and would it kill them to hire a staff who speaks non-accented American English?

I also bought my first ever box of Special K cereal this week. That plus the NPR makes me so TOTALLY in my 30s.

Tech note: My host, Lunarpages, is moving servers to a new location on Saturday, 1/21. Sooo… may be unaccessable for some time that day. We’ll all get through this together.

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