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Black Friday, 2004

November 26, 2004

We arrived at Sears at 5:45 for its 6:00am opening…the prize was a cherished $10 gift card given to the first 200 people. The line snaked around the corner of the building. We were hopeful, but alas, we arrived too late.

Other stores hit so far:

  • Strawbridge’s (Moorestown)
  • Rack Room shoes (remind me to tell you about this)
  • JC Penneys (missed getting the free Mickey Mouse snowglobe)
  • Strawbridge’s (Cherry Hill — my coat…sold out)
  • Silver Diner (Me: Caramel French Toast and a hot cocoa – NOT the way to beat the other esteemed blogger in the weight loss race)
  • Target (Christmas lights galore for our house! Don’t tell Thor…)
  • Courier-Post (Sucks…I forgot to turn something in that I had 4 weeks in advance to do. Today was the last day)
  • Old Navy (Apron to be seen on CookieCam..no start date for that yet)
  • Home Depot (Fish out of water, we were)

    Now I’m at Mom’s, where we uploaded her COMPLETED novel, making Mom an official NaNoWriMo winner, and a true novelist. Don’t ask me about mine.

    NOW, we’re off to Philadelphia’s Market Street to experience Christmastime in the City.

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