October 31, 2004

Is this thing on?

After a week of introspection and sadness, our Halloween party happened. If I had my druthers, I would have cancelled it, but the invitations went out a while back and the guests were looking forward to seeing our new house.

So Thor and I slaved away all Saturday morning cleaning, decorating, and cooking. We suited up (he, a pimp; me, Martha Stewart) and threw open the front door. It was a nice mix of adults, with a handful of kids (my two cousins’ kids) thrown in for good measure. They loved running around in their costumes, and were thrilled with the pinata that we filled for them.

(Yes, we let them whack at it with a stick. The “pull-the-ribbon” pinatas are for wimps.)

A few hours later…

8-yr-old boy and 4-year old girl: Can we color?
Me: Um…sure. I don’t have a coloring book but I can print some stuff from the Internet for you.
Girl: Okay.
Me: But I only have 8 crayons. Can you guys share?
Boy: Sure!

I print out some Halloween pictures, and they are joined shortly by the other two kids, a 10-yr-old girl (boy’s sister) and a 7-yr-old boy (girl’s brother). All four of them share 8 crayons, and color on one tray table.

The 8 year old finishes his picture and brings it to me.

Me: What a great job!
Boy: It’s for you!

Touched, I hang it on my fridge. Then another picture was finished. And another. One by one, little faces brandished big smiles as little hands gave me their masterpieces.

Lesson learned: No matter what life dishes out…sadness, grief, war, disappointment or dirty politics, there is love, hope, and pure generosity.

All I have to do to remember that is look at my fridge.

drawings hung on refrigerator

Thank you to everyone who sent me their condolences on the loss of my grandfather. I didn’t open comments on that post because I didn’t want people to feel compelled to say, “I’m sorry.” I was touched and amazed by the letters and online cards I got – unsolicited. Thank you! 🙂

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