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John Alexander Dowd, Sr.

October 27, 2004

My grandfather was the first man I knew who always wore a tie. Of course, he didn’t always wear a tie, but most of the times I saw him…tie. He had a very hearty laugh. And he fought the leukemia like a dog…probably harder than I would now at less than half his age.

He had been ill for almost this entire year, yet I didn’t blog about it. Why? Because until he got really sick, PopPop read my website every day from his home in Florida to see how I was doing. And I know he wouldn’t want to read about himself. Some sadnesses in life are what I consider nonbloggable.

It was in the throes of grief from my Grandmother’s death in 2002 that I started this blog. Now, in the sadness of PopPop’s passing on Sunday, I don’t feel like writing at all.

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