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Half moon

September 29, 2004

Half moon

I went to yoga tonight at the YMCA. The instructor I used to have no longer teaches this class. She was a lady in her sixties or so, wore a cute little black t-shirt that said “Yoga,” and had the voice of a lifelong smoker.

One of her students recently received her yoga instructor certification and is now our teacher. I like her. She works us a skosh harder than the prior one did. However, she’s big on props. Balls, bolsters, bands, etc. I’ve been away from yoga for a bit, so I want to relearn the poses and learn some new ones without all the doo-dads. Just me, my mat, and my brick.

Besides, the ball annoys me. If I wanted to work with the ball, I’d take the “Yoga on the Ball” class on Thursdays.

Tonight we learned the Half Moon Pose. I really liked the look of it.

But she had us do it with our backs against the wall and our lower hands on top of a really thick bolster. So much for learning balance. I’m afraid that if I learn poses with all of that help, I’ll never learn to balance it on my own. So I’ll make it a point to practice that pose all week here at home. Maybe next week I won’t need the training wheels!

One of my colleagues is leaving our paper for a bigger, better position with another Gannett newspaper group. (We all have groups. Mine is the New Jersey group.) Tomorrow, the Operating Committee is taking him out to lunch. To the Turf Club in South Philly. Methinks I’m going to have a chance to play the ponies tomorrow! During my workday!!

I felt a bit guilty at first. But after lunch I got an email from a gentleman who asked for a free t-shirt because he found a bad link on our website. Can you imagine?

After I read that one, I started hoping I’ll be allowed to drink during tomorrow as well.

PS: No, he’s not getting a shirt.

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