Birthday wrapup

September 8, 2004

Birthday wrapup

Mood: Cheery
Work Docket: Finished the big weekly meeting a little bit ago. Need to make a bajillion telephone calls this afternoon.
Lunch: Probably Subway. Need to pick up an eye pillow at the mall because…
Evening: After a 5 month or so break, I’m restarting yoga. I like the flexibility, and after reading about Dr. Dave’s yoga exploits, I have the bug again.
Birthday card final total: Nine. Received one from John’s girlfriend (waves hi), and one from our financial advisor.
Birthday gifts: Naturally, the iPod from Thor. Plus a purse and a bracelet from Mom, a pair of sneakers from John, a DMB mix cd from Kristen, a 6-pack of glass 8oz Coca-Cola bottles featuring Mickey Mouse’s 75th birthday from Jack at work, plus something off of my Amazon wish list from Mike in California, who informed me that I never changed my address with Amazon when I moved, so the gift was sent back. Gift forthcoming. Thanks, Mike!

(geez…I didn’t think anyone really GOT anything from their wishlists!! I just thought it was the blogger thing to do…)

I HATE the fact that within Blogger, when I click on the Italics button, instead of the usual <I>tag, it inputs <span style=”font-style:italic;”> . Talk about bloated coding! Keep it simple, stupid. CSS ain’t always the better route.

Dinner at Tangerine was scrumptious, but expensive. The food was served family style so we got to sample everyone else’s dish. The evening was wrapped up with a game of Scrabble. Thor won! Ironic, because if I recall correctly, Thor does not like Scrabble. But I do. 😉

yumMy dear coworkers had a cake for me yesterday, even though the birthday fell on Sunday. I was surprised and touched and thrilled that the cake was chocolate!

Birthdaying is almost over. Friday night the ‘girls’ in our family (Mom, Aunt, 2 cousins, me) are heading out to eat at Buca Di Beppo. We started this 2 or 3 years ago, and it’s a nice tradition.

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