September 1, 2004

September 1, 2004

Days until my birthday: 4
Birthday cards received: 2, one from work, and the other from the Borgata Casino. That, friends, is frightening.
Weight: 237.2 (+81.8)
Mood: Bubbly, but tired.
Exercise: Worked on the BowFlex for 30 minutes. Did 8 minutes of rowing, 45 stomach crunches with resistance, 30 bicep curls, 45 hip adductions (outside of the hip), 45 reps of an exercise to tighten my butt, 30 regular crunches, and more rowing. I feel like I’ve been hit by a car.

I’m afraid to watch the RNC. See, I’m only supporting Kerry by the thinnest, tiniest of threads, and seeing the current party shown in a positive light will only confuse me more. I like the Republican party. Just not the yahoos in office. Whom I voted in. Ugh. I’m so sorry about that.

So instead, I’ve been listening to some speeches from while at work.

I liked Arnold’s speech. Mainly how he said that it’s okay to be a Republican and disagree with some of the party beliefs. Whether or not the GOP actually believes that statement is another story, but I really like the sentiment.

I listened to the first 8 minutes of Guiliani’s speech, until he said that the terrorists haven’t influenced where or how the convention was held. Oh. Is that why there are record numbers of police on hand?

Jenna Bush has the most stilted way of speaking I’ve ever heard. So painful to listen to that I didn’t make it to Laura Bush’s speech.

And in Fantasy Football news, somebody offered me the Jacksonville defense and a relatively unknown guy for my Philadelphia defense. No way!

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