Love and Loss at Cherry Hill Mall

September 2, 2004

Love and Loss at Cherry Hill Mall

Days until my birthday: 3
Birthday cards received: Today’s mail brought two, one from Stein Mart (I’m a preferred customer) and one from Dad, with a lovely Lowes Gift card! Thanks, Dad! I’ll probably use it to buy new bolts to bolt down the downstairs toilet with. It moves when you sit on it. Freaky weird. Total bday cards = 4.
Weight: 156.5 (+1.0 — see? Doesn’t look so bad now after the last few days, hm?)
Mood: Still freaking giddy. No clue why. I guess it has to do with being (relatively) young, in love, employed, homeowner, etc. Stupid blessings. Make it hard to be surly.
Exercise: More BowFlex love. Did 15 minutes of rowing, then some crunches, and bicep and tricep work. I feel like my knuckles are dragging on the floor.
Thor quote: Do you know how MUCH iPods are??

Today for lunch I decide to cruise to the mall. It’s only a few blocks away, and I was hankering for stuff. Namely, the Disney Mouseketeer Goofy and Mouseketeer Donald beanies. I already have Mickey. I don’t collect them for resale, but if they’re cute, I buy them. And these are cute.

I park outside of Strawbridges, because I can, and meander inside. Ooooo…fall stuff. I really need a new winter coat. My other one is old and shabby. Suddenly, I spy one on the rack. Cream colored…button down…very 50’s.

I take it off the hanger and try it on. Oh! The fit! So very flattering. So very ladylike. Sales rack says 30% off. I’m in love. I twirl, yes twirl in front of the mirror. I am Grace Kelly.

It slides from my shoulders like butter. I’m already envisioning the fetching new hats I could wear with it. (I love hats…if I had my way, it would still be stylish to wear hats and gloves all year round.)

As I put it back on the hanger, I see the label: DKNY.


I check the price: $450.00.


So we parted ways…I’m not a classy enough dame to wear that coat. I still jump in puddles. I still can’t eat an ice cream cone neatly. And I’ve been known to hop onto an empty swing from time to time.

Love hurts.

(ps…The Disney Store was out of the beanies I wanted anyway…sigh)

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