Shock and awe

August 12, 2004

Shock and awe
another flower
Wt: 153.6 (1.9)


Today was a challenging food day. Not only was it our monthly Online lunch day (the four of us go out to eat and try to talk non-business), but there was a retirement party for a woman in Inside Sales. She was at the paper full-time for 26 years. Wow! She’s moving to Florida, so the big party was beach themed. Tons of food. HEAPS of food. No way I was getting out of this without eating.

Breakfast: Fruit salad and apple juice from the party’s morning food spread. (When we party, we don’t fool around. Food all day. I intially took a sticky bun and some pastries, but I gave them to someone else. )

Lunch: The Tortilla Press in Collingswood. I had the portabello mushroom and zucchini tacos. Very, very good, with homemade tortillas!

Disaster strikes! Late in the afternoon, I had 2 small slices of cake, a few chocolate covered pretzels, and a half of a sticky bun. Ugh.

Work: Some days I go to work at the paper and it’s like watching paint dry. Other days, my governor comes out of the closet, announces he had an affair with a male staffer, and resigns. Whoa. You could feel the energy in the whole building…days like this I’m totally thrilled that I work for a paper. Because I knew about it 3 hours before the press conference even happened. Watch for some interesting fallout with this one. (note: I voted for the Libertarian candidate for governor that year)

Exercise: 20 minutes playing Dance Dance Revolution. At the end I was sucking wind as if I had ran a 5K.

Dinner: To atone for prior naughty-girl deeds, I’m having some Crystal Light and a banana for dinner. Because for the first time since Monday, I’m stuffed, and really don’t want to eat dinner.

Tonight: Going to see about getting set up with my hosting company, Lunarpages. While doing laundry, since Thor has no clean scrubs for tonight. THEN, I’ll perhaps play some City of Heroes. I’ll take some screenshots of my girls for you.

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