August 11, 2004

August 11, 2004

The itch
Wt: 154.4 (last weighin was at night…from now on I’ll go back to my morning pre-shower weigh-in, aka my “dirty, naked weight”, or DNW for short)

Mood: Thorougly unmotivated to do anything but eat junk food. And I’m not even doing that.
Breakfast: 1/2 of a Thomases Bagel from the vending machine, with 1/2 serving cream cheese and a pint of skim milk.
Work: Can’t say too much about work, other than I received a good pep talk from Former Boss, and that some of the women in my building do not deserve the privilege of using toilets. Seriously! Ugh!
Lunch: Life Choice Meat Loaf, baggie of grapes, water
Afterwork snack: Banana
Exercise: 23 minutes on the treadmill, 11 assisted chinups, 48 stomach crunches.
Dinner: Tomato, Cucumber, Onion salad with red wine vinegar, and a glass of Lemon-Lime Crystal Light. I’m satisfied now, but if I hunger later I’ll have some microwave SmartPop popcorn.

My birthday’s coming up again. 32. And as long-time readers (or those who click here) know, I usually go out of my way to look like a babe on my birthday.

This year my birthday falls on a Sunday, and Monday is Labor Day, so I guess sex-bomb day will be on Tuesday. The outfit I’m not worried about…but I’ll have to look managerial, though.

It’s the hair. I’m tempted to go back to my natural color. Which is…light brown… I guess. See…I’ve been dinking around with the color since I was in college. So my best guess is whatever my roots are. Which look to be light brown. My current hair color is looking a bit brassy at the moment. Yellow, almost. So I’m itching for a change.

But I’m afraid.

Fear #1: By taking a gander through the hostess photos you’ll see that I don’t exactly look GOOD with darker hair. But how can I NOT look good with the color that’s natural for me? So now I’m thinking…natural color hair with a few chunky blonde highlights.

Fear #2: What if I go back to my natural color and my roots start coming in GRAY? Yeesh. Don’t know if I can handle that.

Fear #3: What if dark hair makes me look grizzled and old?

I think I need more thought. I’m also incredibly blessed that some triviality like this is the biggest worry I have on my plate tonight. 😉

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