Liveblogging the DNC – part 4

July 26, 2004

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones from Ohio has a tough act to follow. She lauds Barbara Jordan. She starts hopping all over Bush’s record of sending jobs overseas. Wait…it’s coming! Yay! I’m a “have and a have-more” since I got a tax cut. Her job was to push Kerry’s economic plans.

Filler song is “Johnny B. Goode.” Go Johnny go, indeed.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin takes the stage, and talks about health care. My insurance premiums have doubled as well, but I don’t think Kerry will care about me. Tammy’s old school. She’s naming people in her speech.

“Just the other day, I was talking to Jimmy Umbro back in Wisconsin, and he said that because of GWBush, he’s getting more splinters than ever! Well, Jimmy, John Kerry will BAN unsanded wood!”

After Baldwin’s shout-outs to the sick people of Wisconsin, Rep Bob Menenendez, billed as the highest ranking Hispanic in Congressional History, takes the floor. Hey! He’s from NJ! He’s wanting the UN to help us out with our … um … crusades. A ‘real coalition,’ sez Roberto. OOo… he says Kerry has a plan to WIN the war on Terror. Geez. You cannot win a war on terror. EVER. EVER!

Alright. I had enough. Maybe I’ll be back when Clinton returns. 🙂

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