Liveblogging the DNC – part 3

July 26, 2004

After chasing Max down (he ran off with a pair of scissors) I settle in for the next event. The crowd is chanting for Kerry. The delegates are a really unattractive group of people. The “Tennesee Waltz” plays, and it’s cute watching people try to sing along when they don’t know the words.

Gov. Bill Richardson is the Convention Chair. I get stressed when I have to order enough donuts and coffee for a meeting! Imagine having to plan a convention?

He introduces Jimmy Carter who, after a video tribute, takes the stage to “Georgia.” I saw him on an episode of King of the Hill last week.

He speaks about how Kerry will do well. And how we’ve pissed off other countries. He also speaks as if his dentures are slipping. Jimmy gets a standing ovation. I don’t remember much about his presidency. He’s done a lot of good in his post-prez years. I wonder if Mr. Bill will do the same?

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