Liveblogging the DNC – part 2

July 26, 2004

Hey! It’s Glenn Close. Because we ALL care what Hollywood thinks. Warning…if Barbra Streisand shows up, I’m turning off the TV and going to play City of Heroes. Now we pay tribute to Women Senators. W00t! Power to the sisters.

Wait? Barbara Boxer? She’s coauthor of the INDUCE Act. Boo! Booo! The 9 Senate Democratic Women take the stage, and they almost all have the same hair. Barbara Mikulski speaks. She’s a spitfire! She wants Social Security to not depend on the Bull of the Bush administration or the Bear of the Market. Oh, Barbara…Bush didn’t do a damn thing with Social Security! I voted for him *because* I wanted him to dink around with Social Security. In any case, I’m impressed with Mikulski. Wonder why nobody ever tapped her to be VeePee?

Children nervously line up to sing, and I take a break to clear off the TV tray.

Bwah! They’re singing This Land!!! My God..I wonder if the planners know of the Flash movie that’s being emailed all over!

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