Liveblogging the DNC – part 1

July 26, 2004

Alright, already. I’m voting for Kerry. Since I desperately want to LIKE the guy, I decided to drop in on his party. And take more abuse about my super-wealthy tax cut.

After being introduced as the one who won the Popular Vote, Al Gore takes the stage. He seems overwhelmed by the crowd…putting his hand up to his chest like he was about to cry. Or spontaneously reboot.

More with the “I should have won.” Where in the hell did that accent come from? He sure as heck didn’t have that twang four years ago!

“Did you really get what you expected from the candidate you voted for 4 years ago?”

Damn, no, Al. Damn no.

I’m having Chicken in Garlic Sauce from Red Lantern. Steamed rice. Egg Roll. Dasani water.

These four years have done MUCH for Al’s demeanor. He seems so charismatic now! And if I can look remotely like Tipper when I get older, I’d be a happy girl indeed.

Hol-ee! He thanked Bill Clinton!

I’m watching this on C-SPAN, so I’m spared horrible commentary and commercials. Unfortunately, there is some gospel troupe singing a Kerry song to the tune of “Proud Mary.” That will NOT end up on my iPod, if I get one.

“Rollin, rollin, rollin on the River” ==> “Makin, Makin, Makin a big Difference.”

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