June 4, 2004

June 4, 2004

Happy Belated Birthday, Papa T——e!

Next week I get to go to Atlantic City for 3 days for our OC retreat. I’m supposed to present ideas, and although I know in my HEAD what I’m going to do, I have nothing written down. NOTHING! I leave on Monday. I have NOTHING!

Well, OK, I have a little bit. Have to type up s’more stuff tomorrow, then go to Kinko’s to photocopy.

See…that’s my thing at work. I encounter something new. I panic. I freak out. I calm down. I learn it. I do it. I write it down. I move on. I’m not the best manager in the world, but I’m probably the one who’s trying the hardest.

Got my hair done yesterday. I really like it. I had about 3 inches (of mostly dead hair) lopped off, and it looks phenomenal. It says, “Hey! I’m a kicky, fun girl who has absolutely NOTHING FOR HER BIG MEETING NEXT WEEK!” It’s the hostess photo on the home page right now, but for archiving purposes, it’s also here.

Today, I reached another milestone in my life. I mowed a lawn for the first time ever! The front lawn, to be specific. Don’t be too impressed — it’s a self propelled mower, and I think there are tufts of grass left where I neglected to mow. By the time I was done, I felt as if I operated a go-kart for a very very long time. I also pruned my rosebushes. A friendly web site told me that I need to cut the dead flowers back to the first 5-leaf cluster. There were a lot of dead flowers.

Will my roses continue to grow?
Will I pull my act together for the biggest meeting of the year?? (reminder: I have NOTHING!)
And what will I have for dinner???

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