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Open letter, last in a 3-part series

April 10, 2004

Dear Thor,

Well, if you’ve been reading, you’ll know how sucky yesterday was. You called in the midst of it, and made me smile, and I truly appreciate that. So we’ll not talk about work.

Except for the heaps of abuse that I got for wearing your Devils jersey. Nicer than that was the handful of closet Devil fans who commended me for bravery. Bravery. Imagine that. Heaven forbid you don’t follow the crowd.

MomandI ate at the Olive Garden last night. We had a nice time. Then I played Asheron’s Call for a bit while Max, (unknown to me) shredded a roll of toilet paper in the living room.

Whiiiiiiich brings us to this morning. I’m STILL working on the laundry. Going to drop off the used books at the library (there’s nothing your Dad would be interested in, IMO), mail the Tigger Beanie that I eBayed, and head to Mom’s at 1:00pm to start baking. Easter dinner’s at 3:00pm tomorrow. In Ocean City. You’ll be sleeping off your vacation, no doubt!

So I’ll close this letter by stating how much I’m looking forward to seeing you come home, even if I’m asnooze on the Nap Chair when you do.

PS: My monitor’s on the blink. 🙂

And a shoutout to Christian (who doesn’t SEEM so evil to me..) for taking my technorati link total up to TWO!

I read James Lileks’s Bleats for over a year now. He teases in his latest entry that spring brings bittersweet business to him. Am I a screwball for crossing my fingers and hoping that it doesn’t have to do with his aging dog?

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