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An open letter

April 8, 2004

Dear Thor:

I was glad to hear that you made it to Mississippi safe and sound. Even though you sleep while I’m awake, there is still an emptiness when you’re not here. Weird.

Max is so upset that you aren’t here that yesterday he dragged a trash bag (and its contents) through the apartment. Maybe he was making sure I’d have something to do when I came home. Now he’s licking my fingers as I type this. I think Max has issues.

The two-day sales meeting I went to was very informative. I came away from it an inspired woman. Then I went back to work and forgot everything. Good thing I take notes! 🙂

Last night was pretty low-key. The only rebellious thing I did was turn on a bunch of lights and have Velveeta Shells and Cheese for dinner. Oh, I went to Genuardi’s after I went to the gym (beams) because I’m tired of takeout. I think this was the first shopping trip where I didn’t buy soda. Again, weird.

I watched Camille get voted off of American Idol — she was the one who tried to sing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Then I took Dierdre the Pain out to get Ulgrim’s bathrobe. The quest was taken out of the game at midnight. Phase and Pain finished it at 11:45ish. Then I went to bed. Max had my back the entire night. Literally. He slept against my back, cuddled up with my sports bra that he fished out from the laundry pile.

Today I’m in a pretty good mood. I’m going to tweak the CP site a bit to emphasize certain features better and deal with the two new projects that have been dumped on my plate. I think I’ll take a longer lunch and come home to let Max out. I have some frozen lunches I can nuke while I’m here. I’ll have to stay at work later once I return, but the furballs aren’t used to being alone all day.

Tonight — Survivor. Squee! Will they merge? Who knows? I’ll say that Shii-Ann goes this week if NuChapera loses immunity, and Rupert goes if NuMogoMogo loses immunity. I haven’t been right yet. I’d LOVE to see Amber, Kathy, and Shii-Ann vote Lex off, but that’d require some brains, and Kathy and Shii-Ann have none.

The cats are hungry and meowing now, so I’ll close my letter. I love you and miss you. And that’s me.

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