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March 5, 2004

Ugh. I’ve been hammered with some sort of 24 hour thing. I called out of work today. I can work through almost anything, but when my stomach gets involved? Game over. I spent most of my day here on the nap chair. That’s ok. When your body wants to rest — you rest. But it wasn’t the best day to be sick — lotsa stuff going on at work. So I’m feeling a bit guilty.

Tomorrow MomandI have tickets to see Les Mis at the Academy of Music. It’s the last show in our 4-show series. (First three were Starlight Express, Urinetown, and Oliver.) It’s the show I was looking forward to see the most. I just hope I feel good enough to go. Right now I feel like I’ve been bludgeoned with a bag of oranges.

Gotta stay awake 1 more hour so that I can switch the Stock Market Game page.

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