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Valentine’s Day disappointment

February 14, 2004

Another VDay come and gone. And it was pretty darn uneventful. We didn’t make any plans, so we ended up staying in. Cards exchanged, some Dark Age of Camelot played. Chinese Takeout for dinner. Thor fell asleep at 9ish, and here I am.

I have a hard time dealing with Valentine’s Day. Part of me wants the whole nine yards — the fancy dinner w/me in a red dress and tumbling curls, the red roses, a pretty bracelet perhaps. The other part knows that VDay has turned into a commercial nightmare; placing horrific pressure on the menfolk in our lives and evolving into a way to make as much money as possible for Hallmark and the Entertainment Industry. And no matter which way the day turns out, I’m apathetic.

I played Horizons for a few hours. I’m losing my thrill for that game. No matter what setup I use, the lag is horrific and the frames per second never gets above 12. Characters are ugly. Monsters are repetitive. The rest of my guild is over level 20, and seems to have no time for low-level questions. There are plenty of live events, but if you’re under 30, fuggetaboutit.

To make matters worse, I’m worried about work already, and it’s only Saturday night. That sucks.

Meh. I’m just peevish all around. Time to take Max out for a spin and head to bed. 🙂

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