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It’s official!

January 7, 2004

Starting Monday I’m working a ‘normal’ 8:30am – 5:00pm schedule. Damon (the one I work with, not to be confused with the hundreds of thousands of other Damons out there) will take the early shift until we get things worked out w/the newsroom. While I’m not looking forward to the traffic and coming home in the dark, I am looking forward to coming to work in the daylight and being able to stay up later. Among other things, this means that:

1) The morning blog will either happen before I head to work, or become a before-bed blog
2) The rousing afternoon walk with Max will become a rousing evening walk with Max
3) My visits to the gym will occur in the mornings before work. A change this way will be good. I fear I’ve put on about 10 lbs over the last few months. (shudder)

This morning as I leaned forward to grab something off of my bureau, I popped my head on the corner of a shelf I have on my wall. For a while, there was actually a small dent in my head. I’m hoping it doesn’t bruise up.

Snipped out another Ann Taylor tracking device, this from my new orangey blouse. I’m guessing my skirt has one too that I neglected to find. The new device is on my bathroom counter commiserating with the one I found on Monday. Maybe I’ll save them until summer and throw them into the ocean. That’ll send back a neat report…

Generously-assed woman drowns in Atlantic Ocean. Worse, she’s wearing a mismatched shirt and blouse!

And can you believe that out of the 2 dozen donuts I brought into yesterday’s meeting, only ONE was eaten? I ended up giving the donuts away to Marketing and Editorial.

Levelled Caelia up to 10 in the druid school. Means nothing to you, I know. But I’m proud.

Here’s the lastest snapshot of my redesign. I’m happy to announce it looks the same in Explorer 6, Netscape 7, and Opera 7. My goal is to get the HTML and CSS validated so I can be a snob and put the little “validated” buttons on my site.

Mood: Pleasant
Work: Do the Wednesday Hit Reports. Operating Committee meeting (this is the important weekly meeting of the Publisher, all the Directors, and little manager me at 11:00 am. I hope I’m not sporting a big bruise on my forehead. Contest crap I didn’t get to yesterday.
Lunch: brought lunch but it depends how long the OC meeting goes. If I’m crazed, I may run out of the building and head to the mall.
Afternoon plans: Rousing walk with Max.
Evening: Back to yoga at 7:30.

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