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RIP, Tugger

January 6, 2004

Mostly written last night…don’t think I slack off at work!

AP photoI was 8 years old when Tug McGraw threw the winning pitch that brough the Phillies their first — and only — World Series championship. (yes…that was way back in the day when children had good enough attention spans to watch entire baseball games) Willie Wilson struck out, and Tug leapt into the air. I think everyone in the Philly area leapt into the air. It was a grand and miraculous night.

Tug stayed a part of Philadelphia long after the sun set on his baseball career. He did a hell of a “Casey at the Bat” reading. The last time I saw him ‘in person’ was at a reunion of the 1980 Phillies World Series Team at Vet stadium. Soon, there will no longer be a Vet Stadium.

And now there’s no longer a Tug McGraw. Tug died yesterday after a bout with brain cancer. When I heard the news, I cried.

The obituaries today are calling him “zany” and “colorful.” But you know what? Tug McGraw did more for this city than Allen Iverson EVER did. Tug brought home a title.

Sleep well, Tug. I hope they name something at the new stadium after you. And I’ll drink a 7up in your honor.

Mood: Sad

Work docket: Weekly numbers, finish monthly numbers (I’m sweating here…I need these for a report due yesterday!), finalize VCRPlus contest, finalize Pocono Contest, write up Coupon Product presentation for tomorrow’s sales meeting. Plus I have an 11:00 meeting. I bought donuts. Maybe if I pump everyone up with sugar, they’ll not notice how clueless I really am. 🙂

Lunch: Left it at home. Subway or a salad, I guess.

Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max.

Evening: Coffee&Coping at Starbucks with Mom and John.

Redesign status: Progressing nicely. I’m working on the stylesheets right now. I realized last night that, content-wise, I’m going to have to update all of the ‘career’ section, the bio page, the chrysalis page. Good thing I have a laptop now…this is perfect work to do from bed! 😉 Screenshot below is of the new design.

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