New job

December 17, 2003

Hrm…methinks I’m going to have to find another time to blog. It’s getting tougher to spare the minutes to do it from here now.

Firstly, much thanks (Mahalo!) to Peppermint Tina for her links to my site! I read hers on a daily basis, and am now reminded that I *really* need to updated my links page to reflect all of the blogs I’m now addicted to.

Secondly, I’m not being sued by the RIAA. I still think they suck though.

So far the ‘new job’ has been pretty good. I think the key is keeping a level head when faced with something that I don’t know. I’ve asked more questions the last few days than I have in years. I’m making a copy of the bills that come in and comparing them to old ones that my Old Boss (who’s my peer now — how creepy is that?) has on file.

Today I’m going to my first Operating Committee meeting. I’ll be attending those every other week. It’s going to be pretty intimidating. At the ripe old age of 31, I’ll be the youngest person there. To be honest, I’m pretty proud!

I bought a new suit from H&M yesterday and 1) it’s tight (but I read on Google Groups that H&M runs small..whew!) and 2) it’s short! Geez…I’d give my eyeteeth for professional clothing for women that is stylish and trendy but now streetwalkerish. You’re either Britney or Hillary. (Clinton, not Duff) I’m all for showing some leg, but I’m going to have to keep my chair pulled tight to the conference room table today.

I’m really going to have to suck up and stop eating so much. My clothes are getting tight, and I am not going above a 10 in jeans again, so its either be uncomfy or hungry.

Mood: Confident. How much of a change is that?
Work docket: Advertising Sales meeting at 9ish am. I’m going there strictly to introduce myself, as some people are JUST finding out that my Old Boss is gone. Can you believe that? It’s been a whole month? Then the OC at 11:00. A meeting, not the TV show. That’ll probably run until I leave at 2. But I have to do the Hit Reports to present at that meeting.
Lunch plans: Lunch? I laugh in the face of lunch breaks anymore. Seriously, I need to start taking that hour again. If I don’t, I end up hitting the vending machine.
Afternoon plans: Stopping at post office to mail Christmas Cards and fulfill some CookieCam requests. Felt REALLY good last night to bundle up some cookies in tins and boxes to send out.
CookieCam: I’ll probably start up around 4:30. There’s a new recipe I found that I’m dying to try out. Cookies half-dipped in chocolate and sprinkled w/crushed peppermint candy!
Evening: Yoga at 7:30, if I’m up to it. I’ve been such a slacker lately. How pathetic is it to skip something as relaxing as YOGA??

By the way, my CookieCam story runs in tomorrow’s Courier-Post. Naturally, there will be a big fat link here. 🙂

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