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Weekend round-up

December 15, 2003

Here’s the quicky weekend round-up.

Friday: Got home at six-ish. David and I went to Chez Elena Wu for dinner and then to the Ritz to see “Bad Santa.” Which was my pick. That movie was a riot! Totally inappropriate for kids, totally tasteless in areas, but a total blast. There are some lines from that movie that will never leave my head!

Saturday: Got the Christmas decorations out of storage. David did most of the decorating while I baked. We got the boxes back into the truck and took them back to storage. Got there at 5:03 — darn place closed at 5:00. D’oh! What do we do? Do we haul the boxes back up the stairs? Nah. We’ll leave them in the pickup truck. What could happen?

Sunday: Woke up to snow. Then heavy rains. The cardboard boxes were ruined, save for a few dept 56 boxes at the bottom of the truck. Oh well! I got called into work for 4 hours to take care of Saddam business. Then I played Horizons for a bit and got my scout up to level 7. Baked some cookies. Went to bed.

Now we come to today!

Mood: Excited and overwhelmed about new job. I won’t know much about what it entails until tomorrow. Insanely overpanicky about certified letter notice that we received on Saturday.
Work docket: Did a lot of Saddam stuff. Still have to do Ingle story. Still have to write 500-600 words about CookieCam.
Lunch plans: No idea. I have nothing at home to bring in.
Afternoon plans: Pick up certified letter at the post office. What could it be?? What if I’ve been sued by the RIAA? What if someone’s suing me for slander on my blog???? What if??!?? What if??!?!?!!?!?
Evening: More cookies. I think I’ll make candy tonight, though. 🙂

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