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Halloween, 2003 – evening, and first place in the costume contest!

October 31, 2003


First place -- the Statue of Liberty
I won! I won! $75 in cash and a $50 gift certificate. The drunken nun pair (I’m not kidding) got 2nd place and the Vegas showgirl (red lace bustier, fishnets, and feathers) won third. Wow…the first time I EVER EVER won 1st place in a costume contest. Some factors that pushed me into first (as I was told) were the fact that I made it from scratch, and that I stayed late for the contest. The light-up torch wasn’t even noticed until the lights were turned out by accident…ooooooo!

Didn’t get out of work until 5:30. Stopped by Mom’s to show off and ended up giving out candy for the hour. The trick-or-treaters were very appreciative of my outfit, and one even called me a “smart lady.” Wow. I’m a lady. A few parents said “God Bless America!” I was surprised how polite the kids were. They all said thank you and many wished me a good night/good Halloween. All proof that this is Satan’s High Holy Holiday. Whatever.

Now I’m home. Lady Liberty will go into storage. The money will come w/me to the casino next week and my tummy will welcome the Italian Bistro food.

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