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October 16, 2003 – morning

October 16, 2003

Congratulations to David for earning his GREEN belt last night! W00t!!

The Evil Goddess Menstrua has released her possession of my mortal form. I rejoice, but she will be back. She only releases her unbridled wrath on me in that extreme form every other month (go figure!) So I’ll turn into a she-beast again come December. Right in the middle of CookieCam!

I was checking the links from our Smurfs story today in Living, and had to take the “Inner Smurf” Quiz.

Find your inner Smurf!:

Find your inner Smurf!

Brainy?!? Nobody liked Brainy! 🙁

Mood: Happy
Work Docket: Did Online Mall, Ran through Communities. Have to do scrapbook, and grab the pictures for the “24 hours in the Life of Cherry Hill” section. See the guy sipping coffee on the front? I’d know him anywhere. He was one of the gym teachers at East. One of the ones who if you didn’t play HIS sport, you were dirt. Naturally, being Brainy Smurf, I was dirt. Hmpf!
Lunch: Meeting Erin for lunch!
Afternoon: Start cleaning/packing for upcoming trip (only 2 more days!)
Evening: Unknown. May swing by Starbucks for an impromptu Coffee and Coping with Mom. Guild meeting at 9:00 if I can stay awake.

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