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October 16, 2003

October 16, 2003

Still reeling from the Brainy Smurf revelation. To counter it, today at work I acted — well — just like Brainy Smurf. (sigh) I’m getting more vocal over things that occur now. I say things that need to be said, but I’m not used to saying them. So I end up feeling guilty.

To make things worse, I was 30 minutes late for my 2:30 Brow Wax. Luckily, they still fit me in and hair was ripped from my face yet again.

Oh no…am I a cross between Brainy Smurf and Vanity Smurf?!? May as well stick my head in the gas oven now.

Darn. My oven’s electric. Guess you’re stuck with me a while longer.

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