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October 8, 2003 – morning

October 8, 2003

We got engaged at the Liberty Bell pavilion at 10:00ish pm on a balmy September evening back in 1995. I’ll be very sad to see it be moved and the pavilion razed. But such is progress. I wonder if I can swing by this afternoon after work to see it?

Liberty Bell ready for move

I actually made it to the gym yesterday…25 minutes on the elliptical, 10 assisted chinups, 4 dozen ab crunches. Saw John’s friend Dibya there, and we chatted a bit about our Fantasy Football league. My team, Pirates of the Delaware, is currently in 3rd place in a field of 10. That’s a fantastic showing for me!

Go Arnold! Don’t worry, Californians…with the Dems in control of the legislature, he won’t be able to do much.

Wt: 141.6 Oho! Progress!
Mood: Pleasant — looking forward to upcoming WDW vacation
Work docket: Online mall (working on that now), hopefully a recipe update. We have a special section coming up next Thursday, and I want to design a great look/feel for it. I’m also hoping I don’t have any more ‘millionaire’ updates today.
Afternoon: I’m seriously considering hopping on the speedline in Westmont after work and zipping to Philly to see the Liberty Bell Pavillion one last time. I have my digital camera with me for the Freezer Burn entry. It’s a cheap and very doable jaunt.
Evening: Continue laundry. Continue teaching Max “Down” (which is going well, btw) and go to yoga at 7:30.
Max: We’re now going sans baby gate all day, and putting it back up in the evening to preserve our sanity. Charlie still hides under the bed when Max arrives. He’ll growl and hiss. That scares Max. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t realize he has the upper hand in this relationship. As soon as he does, he’ll come out of hiding.

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