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True phone call

August 18, 2003

True phone call (second in a continuing series) Here’s the first call

Kim: Online, this is Kim speaking.
Woman: Hello, my name is XXXX and my daughter is XX years old. I’d like to get her signed up for Daisies or Brownies and I was wondering if you had any information on how to get that done.
Kim: (mouth open, no words)
Woman: Hello?
Kim: Um…yes! Hello. I actually have no idea how to sign up your daughter for Brownies. Or Daisies. I guess I would call your county’s Girl Scout Council.
Woman: Like, in the phone book?
Kim: Yes. Use the phone book.
Woman: (peeved that I didn’t sign “Aymbyr-Caiytelyyne” up immediately and make her Girl Scout of the Year) Thank you. Good bye.

Wouldn’t that be your first instinct? To call the Girl Scouts? Why would you call the online department of a newspaper? Why?!?

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