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Whadda weekend!

August 18, 2003

Whadda weekend!

Young Max is coming along nicely. The coughing that kept us up ALL Friday night has subsided, which makes me think that maybe it’s just a side effect of the bordetella vaccine. He’s started eating, and that makes it easier to give him pills. He’ll be neutered on Thursday, which will be a delight, since he, well…well…he’s frustrated. 🙂 He does like to jog for long distances, though. Which may be the activity I need, too.

Misty and Charlie have sequestered themselves in our bedroom. That’s not going well. When Misty (never Charlie) emerges, Max wants to see what she is. So he approaches her. She runs, so he give chase (because she’s running) which spooks her even more. Bad cycle. I shut Max out of the bedroom last night so that the cats would come out. Both were in bed w/me by the time I got up. We moved their litter and food in there. Hopefully they’ll come out soon. On suggestion of somebody in my guild, I think we’ll get a baby gate for the bedroom. That way the cats can go in there and Max can’t. Kind of like a safe haven for the cats.

Wt: 142.0 (wheeeeeee…watch me grow! Grrr…)
Mood: pleasant
Work docket: Finish Community Guide script database for once and for all. Ingle’s on vacation. Faith column didn’t happen.
Lunch: Unsure.
Afternoon: Take Max out for a long walk/run. Misty has a routine vet appt at 4:45.
Evening: Tricia’s son Anthony’s b-day party at 7:00 pm. (sigh…why a weeknight?)

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