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snoozy dog

August 19, 2003

snoozy dogIt’s a very odd thing to be buying baby supplies when you don’t have a baby. I felt it when I bought the oral medication syringe for Max at Genuardi’s and I felt it again yesterday when I bought a baby gate for Max at Target. As I stood among the moms buying high-quality expensive items for little Kylar or Dakotuh, I had an urge to apologize. “Yes, it’s the cheapest gate here…but it’s for a dog, not a baby. Sorry to have intruded upon the world of babydom. Leaving now!”

That’s our new plan. We have the bedroom door open now, and the gate in the doorway. Cats are still in the bedroom willingly, but at least now they can see down the hallway, and can see the dog. Dog can’t get in to menace the cats, but he can stare at them as much as he wants. Gate is low enough for cats to leap if they need to get out, but too high for Max to clear if he wants to get in.

Max’s cough is much better. Yesterday he consummated his affair with the green dog-bed we bought for him. After witnessing that, I am scarred for life.

Wt: I hereby suspend my diet until September 6, 2003. At which time I will make the final charge toward 133. I probably won’t make it by October, but maybe by end of the year.
Mood: Excited about upcoming vacation
Work: Did static, hand, and dateline sections. Working on August’s Parenting Today. (Last issue…yay!) Will continue to finish community guide database.
Lunch: Unknown.
Afternoon: To the gym…I mean it!
Evening: Coffee&Coping with Mom and John at Starbuck’s at 7:00. We’ll hammer out final details for “California Adventure, Reloaded.”

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