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You’ve come a long way, baby!

July 30, 2003

You’ve come a long way, baby!

(phone rings)
Kim: Online Department, this is Kim speaking
Caller: Hello? Do you make the web site?
Kim: Yes, that’s what we do.
Caller: OK. I have a question about finding something on the web site.
Kim: Go right ahead, sir!
Caller: (pregnant pause) Are you the secretary?

I love that pregnant pause. It means, “Shouldn’t I be talking to a man about such scary, modern, techincal things as web sites and not some chick answering the phone?”

Nosir, this chick on the phone is the one who’ll be answering your questions today. She helps create and maintain this behemoth of a site. She codes and debugs. All in a skirt and heels. Any more questions?

Wt: 137.4, with hair soaking wet from shower. Wet hair weighs more, right?
Mood: Sleepy. Last night’s Bobo quest was very fun, but ended at 11:45ish. Luckily, our guild has an East Coast contingent ready to plan quests at more reasonable, East Coast Hours.
Work docket: Community guide, baby! Today I put the script into the template, get the rest of the town photos.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken something or other. Or a subway sandwich and an Iced Chai. Not sure yet.
Afternoon: Going to try to nap so I’ll be awake for…
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Oh yeah, and I have to pack for this weekend, since tomorrow will be a blur.

Yes, Dierdre is now 83. And last night was my last Tai Chi class. Summer’s ending! (sniff)

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