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July 29, 2003

July 29, 2003

David had a nice birthday. I gave him a new bathrobe, some snacky-foods from Harry & David’s and the first two seasons of M*A*S*H on DVD. I even managed to bake him a chocolate cake, replete with candles.

I think even those who live under a rock have heard about Bob Hope’s passing. To my mortification, the Courier-Post did a Commemorative section (with required full-page auto ad and cheesy appreciation column laced with lines from “Thanks for the Memory”). It’s not hard to look at the time, ink, and newsprint wasted on that section and realize why 18-34s don’t read newspapers. While I have an awareness of Bob Hope, by the time I reached my adult years he was pretty much out of the spotlight, or known for hanging with the almost-B list celebrities like Ann Jillian and Brooke Shields. He lived a full and magical life. He had family, friends, a robust career, and piles of money. He will live forever in Hollywood’s memory. How can we wish for more?

Wt: 137.6.
Mood: Peeved. No Static pictures were uploaded, and there’s a contest that supposed to run on the static page. We received maybe 1/15th of the information needed to put that info online, so I’ll have to retype from the paper.
Work docket: What I mentioned above, plus updates to Dateline, Hand section. There’s a post-it here that says “Expense Report!!” This refers to the Asbury Park trip last week. However, without the appropriate forms, I can’t do a proper expense report.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Sesame Chicken
Afternoon: To the gym, since I didn’t yesterday
Evening: Tai Chi at 6:30. Asheron’s Call Bobo quest (Dierdre’s first!) at 10:00pm, if I can be awake. I’ll probably try to level to 83 beforehand.

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