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July 28, 2003

July 28, 2003

Happy Birthday David!

It was a great weekend. Friday night we hung in, had Chinese Food, and played our games. Dierdre the Pain is now level 82. Practically 83. Saturday Mom and I hung by Sue’s pool. Saturday night, David, Mom, John, and I went to the Olive to celebrate David’s birthday. A very delicious (and expensive) meal it was, and it was topped off by a creme brulee! Yesterday, Mom and I shopped at the Promenade, a very snooty outdoor shopping lifestyle center. Ooo..I could *so* be an Ann Taylor girl if I could only justify spending $160 per outfit. Instead, I bought a sheath dress on sale at Strawbridges. I’d be wearing it today, but I lack the proper brassiere to wear with it. So today I don the cute lil’ denim number.

As part of my latest charge toward the elusive 135 lbs, I decided to shake up how I eat. I’m going to front-load my morning with the ever-trusty oatmeal and a pint of skim milk. I’m hoping that’ll take me until lunch without being hungry and hitting the vending machine mid-morn.

I’m excited about WDW this weekend, but I have a LOT to get through first. Let’s dive in!

Wt: 137.4 Highly unfair, given that I ate like a frat boy this weekend. I thought I’d be 141. Honest.
Mood: Overwhelmed at work ahead
Work: Glad you asked! Did Ingle/Faith. Waiting on some Hot Jobs. Will continue with community guide, but boss wants me to play with our shopping cart product.
Lunch: Have to run to Cherry Hill Mall (which, I guess, is NOT a lifestyle center) to pick up some last minute things. Will come back and have Healthy Choice Homestyle Chicken and Pasta, which will be the first addition to…
Afternoon: Start new section on site for reviews of lousy frozen diet meals. Hey, I’ve had almost every one… may as well share the knowledge, hm?
Evening: I’ll go to the gym, as penance for the weekend of hedonistic eating.

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