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July 31, 2003

July 31, 2003


I did not sleep last night. I slept yesterday afternoon, and had a very relaxing/rejeuvinating yoga class. Got hungry at 11 pm-ish so I scooted to Wendy’s for a Combo #1 with cheese, without pickles. When I walked in the door, it hit me. Mickey used to love french fries. I sat and visualized how he used to get so excited and yappy when he smelled fries. Cantankerous little dustmop. Nevertheless, I was a wasted wreck for the rest of the evening/morning. Went hunting with the guild in AC to try to take my mind off of things. It’s amazing I managed to keep everyone healed — what a daze I was in!

So now it’s 4:24 am. I’m showered and ready for work. All I plan on doing now is putting some curls in my hair, getting dressed, and heading out. It’s going to be a loooooooooooooooooooong day.

Wt: Not today. 🙂
Mood: Calmed after a very cathartic evening. A bit nervous about how I’m going to get through the day. Not to worry, dear Reader…I’ve done this before. And I’m sure I’ll do this again.
Work Docket: I think my Community Guide project literally got 2 more weeks of work added to it. Plus I’ll do scrapbook, communities, and create a special ‘section’ for an ongoing series of community stories.
Lunch: Will grab a coffee from *bux and see if I can’t rest in my car for the hour.
Afternoon: Boy howdy…this is where it gets fun. At 2:30 I have an appointment at Salon at the Ritz for a hair cut, highlights, and brow wax (since I’m starting to resemble Bert from Sesame Street again.)
Evening: At 6:00, I’m meeting Mom, Sue, Tricia, and Aunt Dee at the Olive for fun, drinks, and music to celebrate Sue’s 39th birthday. (Geez, Louise…Sue’s 39…in my mind she’ll always be a pretty teenager because that’s how I remember her when I was a little girl) There’s a guild meeting at 9:00 pm. I may or may not make it. I should hurl myself into bed as soon as I come home from the Olive.

Oh yeah…have I mentioned that I’m going AWAY Friday immediately after work? I packed my clothes tonight. Will pack toiletries Friday morning.

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