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Yesterday’s plan didn’t quite pan out.

July 8, 2003

Yesterday’s plan didn’t quite pan out. I ip-skayed the gym. Oh well. At least I remembered my access card and got into work at 5:30 on the dot.

Wt: Didn’t weigh today. I know in a few days I’ll level out.
Mood: Rested
Work docket: Today was the first day of the “Static” automation. I used to to it by hand on Tuesdays. Because this is the first ‘run’ of the script, there are some changes that need to be made to the templates. I’ll do that, then update the ‘hand’ section, add today’s wedding story to our bridal guide (my baby) and move on to beginning the new(!!) Community guide MivaScripts.
Lunch: Smart Ones Basil Chicken, plus more Perl. I’m currently STILL going through Chapters 7 and 8, which are about pattern matching and regular expressions. According to the book, these are the two hardest chapters. According to me, I think I’m too old to learn anything. But I’ll keep plugging.
Afternoon: Second meeting with Financial Advisor #33 at 2:30. I’ll head there straight from work.
Evening: Tai chi at 6:30, will scoot over Mom’s afterward to purchase plane tickets for California. If I’m still awake, I’ll go on the “Weeping Weapons” quest w/my guild. Dunno about you, but “weeping weapons” sounds messy to me.

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