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Today I saw something that made me smile

July 9, 2003

Today I saw something that made me smile…a little car with a hyperactive turn signal. It blinked 4 times as fast as mine. (We were at a looooong red light so I could actually count how fast it blinked) I couldn’t help but think of a small, yappy dog. “Hey! Hey! Lookit me! I’m going left? See? Left? I’m ready to go left!! Let’s go! Left!”

Another person showed for Tai Chi last night, so the class is no longer comprised of Mom and me. I did the “Heart of Innocence/Weeping Weapons” quest w/the guild last night. Earned about 2 million xps in the process, and I didn’t die, which is a shocker. Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper weapon to make “weep.” SOoooooo I need to run and get that today. Then I’ll have a weeping wound WAND, which I’ll never use, but hang on my cottage wall so the world can see it weep.

Wt: 137.8, despite my best intentions to get to 150 in record time.
Mood: Dozy.
Work docket: Did online mall and some general site repairs. Will do recipes, dining guide. Community guide script.
Lunch: Payday! I’m going OUT to eat for a change. Yeah!
Afternoon: Start some laundry, get my weeping weapon, start Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire.
Evening: Laundry, yoga at 7:30.

**looking back at this entry, I can’t help but realize that I’m SUCH a geek.**

Yesterday we bought the California plane tickets, and tickets to tour Alcatraz on Monday, August 25. Although the itinerary we wanted went up in price, another itinerary went down, and we ended up saving almost $90.00 per ticket. This time we went thru Travelocity.

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