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July 7, 2003

July 7, 2003

Back to the grind…

Picture a young woman at dawn, fresh from the holiday weekend, striding confidently through a dewy parking lot toward her place of employ. Picture the feeling of doom when she realizes that her access card is NOT in its usual spot. Hm. Turns out I LEFT it on my desk all weekend. Yeesh. Much thanks to my buddy at Havco Vending for letting me into the first door and to Pat for letting me into the second one.

Wt: Haha…funny thing! I stepped onto the scale and it stopped at 137.8 (typical for weekend) then popped up to 139.0 (Sweet merciful crap!!) then back down to 137.8. (whew!) I’m not too concerned though. Weekend weight usually falls off quickly. BOY did I eat. Ben&Jerry’s, Doritos, Water Ice, pasta salad, devilled eggs. Yum! I wouldn’t do any differently. Well worth the two pounds.
Mood: Rested
Work docket: Did Ingle. Have to do Friday’s Hot Properties (waiting for ads), today’s Hot Jobs, faith update, and a buncha stuff.
Lunch Plans: Brought Healthy Choice Turkey and Mashed potatoes. Will finish Chapter 8 of Learning Perl (regular expressions…they make my head hurt) and maybe start Chapter 9.
Afternoon: Go to the gym. Definately. I’m also out of Oatmeal bowls after this morning, and Berry Burst Cheerios.
Evening Unknown. Will probably collapse on NEW recliner from shock of being back to routine.
Music: Stepping through my Dave Matthews Band collection chronologically. Starting with Under the Table and Dreaming. From what I’ve read, this summer tour is the band’s best in years. A reason to look forward to my birthday!
State of the Spouse: He had a crummy night, but was in bed when my alarm woke up so maybe he’ll be ok soon. Hopefully I don’t catch his bug.

And Barry White’s gone!! He slipped away while we were all celebrating our holiday. :/ Too young.

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