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David’s been working the past 11 nights straight.

July 2, 2003

David’s been working the past 11 nights straight. Besides the less than 2 hours we had with Financial Advisor # 33 on Monday, I don’t think I’ve seen him awake in almost a week. Well, I’ll see him tonight when we head to Yoga (me) and Karate (him) but that won’t be for long either. I miss him. *sniff*

I so enjoy it being light out when I drive to work. I love seeing the bright orange of the morning sun glimmering off of buildings. The air smells cleaner. It quiets the mind from silly thoughts like “Can I get away with having only one teeny flag out on July 4th?” (yes) and “Omigod…can you see my underwear through this dress?” (no).

I had a dream of Mickey last night…he was healthy and running around like he did when we first got him. It makes me smile to remember him as whole and not as a skinny, wheezing doggie in an oxygen cage. *sniff*

Re: July 4th. I used to get extremely excited over holidays. Now they mean very little. Yeah, the Christmas season was great, but look at the extreme things I did (*cough*cookies*cough*) in order to make them interesting. Friday, I’m tempted to just stay home. Can it be that after 30 July Fourths, they’ve lost their luster? Maybe I need a newer, younger, pair of eyes to see it through. Perhaps the fireworks and flags will take on a new level of “wow!” if I’m watching a little one take it all in. *sniff*

*shakes head to clear mind* I gotta be ovulating.

Wt: Still 136. I’d LOVE to hold that weight through the rest of the week and weekend.
Mood: Wistful…and….and…and hungry!
Work Docket: Online mall (when I get the manifest), recipe update, dining guide update, maybe bring Chef’s Table back online, all spit-polished and pretty.
Lunch: Brought the last frozen meal I have from home. Healthy Choice Chicken Alfredo. Plus another chapter of Perl.
Afternoon: Geez…the way I’m going I’ll probably end up renting some chick flick and pigging out on chocolate.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30.

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