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In softness, there is strength

July 3, 2003

In softness, there is strength — Anne, my yoga teacher

It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAY! Well, not really, but I have off tomorrow, so TECHnically it’s Friday for me. A lot of people are out of the office today, so I decided to dress more casually, with khaki capris and a black knit top with a furry leopart-print Mickey Mouse applique on it.

David skipped karate last night…he’s exhausted, poor guy. I did see him for approximately 30 minutes last night though, so it’s all good. My yoga’s improving. I do a killer ‘tree’ pose, and my downward-facing-dog looks a lot better. I can’t wait until I can fold myself in half. Not that folding myself in half will do any good unless I’m locked in a car trunk, but it seems like it’s a cool thing to do.

I hit a snag with Perl last night. I have Windows Me as my OS, and it seems that there’s a bug with ActivePerl in Windows Me. The bitty programs I’m doing are in a DOS window. (scary!) Here at Work (WIN2000) I hit Ctrl-Z to signal my end of input. When I do that under Windows Me, the last line of code doesn’t print. :/ I did a search in Google Groups, and they all say that Windows sucks and to get Linux.

And these people wonder why they have trouble socializing.

Wt: 135.8. Eeek! Less than 1 lb away…right before a holiday weekend. oooo….so close! I’ve been eating three squares and a snack too, so I’m not starving myself. My dinners have been light (last night was two bowls of cereal) but I’m not even hungry for dinner anymore, and I have to make myself eat.
Mood: Content
Work Docket: Did Communites. Will do Scrapbook and then ‘foof’ up one of the communities stories that’s going to turn into a series on a guy from Burlington County who’s biking across country.
Lunch: Saladworks! And finish Perl Exercise 5-2, which in my mind is at least 50 lines of code. The solution’s probably closer to 10 lines.
Afternoon: SHOULD go to the gym, since it will be closed tomorrow and since I’m SOOOOOO close to goal.
Evening: Nada! Nothing! Actually, I’ll probably take an early nap and then stay up late to get my sleep schedule on par with the rest of the civilized world for the weekend. I also have to catch up with my email…I haven’t replied to anyone in a week or so.

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