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Big kids have feelings too, Mrs. Neidermayer

June 10, 2003

I’d offer a link to the Courier-Post’s coverage of the Devils’ win last night, but there’s no story. We don’t seem to think that anyone in SJ would care about a NJ team winning a championship. Instead, here’s the snarky “sour grapes” editorial from May.

Wt: 138.0. Headed back down. Again. I wanted to be trimmer for David’s reunion on Saturday, though.
Mood: For the first time in almost 4 weeks, I feel pleasant again.
Work docket: Static, Women on the Run Look/Feel. I can’t get a decent ‘theme’ going for that section. Everything I do looks silly.
Lunch: Will go get salad or subway
Afternoon: SHOULD go to the gym. We’ll see.
Evening: “Coffee and Coping” with Mom-n-John at *bux tonight.

Cold-hearted woman of the week: Carol Niedermayer, mother of NJ Devil Scott and Anaheim Duck Rob. Asked by the media which of her boys she wanted to win, she said she was rooting for Rob (younger bro), since Scott (older bro) had already won two cups. I totally understand her reasoning, but I think it was pretty classless of her to say it on national TV. Big kids have feelings too, Mrs. Neidermayer. Turns out Scott didn’t NEED you rooting for him, now did he?

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