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So I get up today…EARLY

June 11, 2003

So I get up today…EARLY! And I triumphantly take my shower, half-dry my hair…and I’m still early. In my infinite wisdom, I decide to lay on the bed for a moment or two whilst I decide what to wear. An HOUR later, I open my eyes, and it’s 5:37 (I’m supposed to be in work at 5:30, mind you).

Sweet merciful crap!

My hair dried all crinkly while I napped. I threw on some clothes (luckily they match) and got to work by 6:05. My heart is still racing.

Wt: Didn’t weigh this morning.
Mood: Feeling stupid for laying down. NEVER lay down in the morning. NEVER! (kicks self)
Work docket: I had to tweak the obit database a bit…it’s two files, totalling 35 MEGS, so it takes a while to download, manipulate, and upload. Just finished that. Online mall today…maybe a recipe update. I have a good idea of what Women on the Run will look like. That’s good…I’ve been thrashing with it for a few days now.
Lunch: As if! Because of my ineptitude, my lunch time has been whittled down to 25 minutes, in which I will nuke the Baked Potato from Monday.
Afternoon: Get sunglasses fixed (screw fell out) at Lenscrafters.Mail Father’s Day cards and get extra key made for Mom so she can check the cats while we’re away. Pack.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Guild festival meeting at 9:00. Finish packing.

Now I’ve got to go make sense of my hair.

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