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Yeah, baby!

June 9, 2003

Yeah, baby! Devils dominant at home again to win Cup

I skipped lunch at work and instead had Trader Ming’s (from Trader Joe’s) Kung Pao Chicken. It’s a frozen ‘kit’…only 240 calories per serving AND the bag only has 2.5 servings so there was no risk of going overboard. Other than that, I swung by Genuardi’s for some stuff, took a small nap, (which is why I’m chipper at 11:46 pm) and watched the Devil’s game.

Finally, I got to experience a summer day. It was 80 degrees and sunny (ah! my eyes!) this afternoon. Had lunch on the balcony in my white sleeveless sweater. I so missed the sensation of feeling the summer breeze and the sun’s warmth on my shoulders. Today was good for the soul.


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