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Weekend in a nutshell

June 9, 2003

Weekend in a nutshell: Rain. Devils lost. Potato chips. Chocolate Chip cookies. Mountain Dew. YMCA. Asheron’s Call. More rain.

Wt: Um…I don’t think so. Suffice it to say I’ll be eating nothing but veggies the rest of the week.
Mood: Depressed. I’m so tired of the rain it’s not even funny.
Work docket: Boss out of the office. Working on Hot Jobs (waiting for 5 ads to release). Did Ingle, Faith, and career updates. Will continue the Women on the Run Look/Feel
Lunch plans: Brought Smart Ones Baked potato and by God I will eat it because I NEEEEEED fat-free stuff in me.
Afternoon plans: I may ip-skay the gym today given that I went yesterday. Yes, Reader…I ate so poorly this weekend that we were compelled to hit the gym yesterday out of guilt. Then again, I need all the help I can get.
Evening plans: Food shopping so that I don’t have to exist on potato chips and soda. Stanley Cup Finals Game SEVEN tonight at the Continental Airlines Arena. Go Devils!

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