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(ignoring dishes piling up in kitchen)

June 3, 2003

Eeek! Where has the day gone? I was a smidge busy this morning, so I didn’t have time to blog.

Wt: 137.2. I was elated for a brief moment, when the scale stopped at 135.4 for a few heartbeats, then mercilessly hopped up to 137.2. Mean trick.
Mood: Antagonistic, Sleepy.
Work docket: Finished updating the SouthJerseyCareers.com job profiles page. (I hadn’t done anything with it for over 6 months…oopsie!). Updated St@tic and the Hand section. And Ingle from yesterday. Tweaked Voter Guide. Today’s primary day. Nobody cares.
Lunch: I went to Saladworks, where I got a Tivoli, and the salad guy sneakily upsold me into adding cucumbers into my salad. Hmpf!
Afternoon: I conked out on the chaise for about an hour.
Evening: Coffe and Coping @ Starbuck’s at 6:30. MUST clean kitchen and purchase more oatmeal express bowls for work. (ignoring dishes piling up in kitchen)

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