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My kitchen has become malignant.

June 4, 2003

It rains. Again. Not just a shower, but teeming sheets of the stuff. I’ve only been to the shore once so far this year, and that was back in March on a freakishly hot day. I’m usually there on a weekendly basis by now. 🙁

This morning, I witnessed almost a dozen worms being carried along the pavements and parking lot by the tsunami. Poor guys. Since Gov. McSkeevy won’t have to declare a drought for at least a month, I’m sure he’ll declare some sort of Earthworm State of Emergency and forbid NJ citizens from doing anything un-earthworm friendly. Democrats are like that, I’ve found.

Wt: 138.0. Hmpf! The scale played a trick again, stopping at 137.2 before hopping up to 138. Oddly enough, though, I’m in a new size 6 straight (as opposed to a-line) skirt, which isn’t even tight.
Mood: Soggy
Work docket: I’m going to kick out food stuff today. Dining guide, chef’s table, and recipe updates.
Lunch: Brought Smart Ones Mac and Cheese. I’m not going out in this.
Afternoon: My kitchen has become malignant. I HAVE to do something about it today before it metastasizes (ooo! SAT word!) into the rest of the apartment.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Mom wants me to try Tai Chi with her this summer on Tuesday nights as well.

For a brief month almost 4 years ago, I had 4 cats and a dog. After Ferdy (the mystery 4th cat I sometimes mention) ran away, we were back to 4 animals and two humans. No matter where you went in the apartment, you either saw or heard a living critter. It was chaotic, but lively. Since Mickey’s passing, the two remaining cats have slept extremely close to me. Last night as the rains pummelled the windows I lay in bed with Charlie snuggled against my right leg and Misty purring atop my chest. It hurt to realize how small my little “family” has become in such a relatively short instance of time. So last night we three huddled even closer in what is the deepest corner of the apartment, trying to protect each other against the unpredictablity and cruelty of life. Safety in numbers, I suppose.

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